Review: Peter Brown – Marie-Claude (Maboose Muse)

Published in the Arts section of The Charlatan.
Apr. 3, 2003

Peter Brown’s Marie-Claude is an album of irresistibly good music, which can either rest on the musical palate like a sinful slice of dark chocolate cake or a comforting spoonful of warm honey. From the deliciously smooth “Cape Verdean Blues” to the mischievous honky-tonk of his vocal tracks, to his remarkably simple yet lyrical arrangement
of “Amazing Grace,” Brown charms with his elegant piano playing and eclectic style.

This guy plays a mean piano, and he’s backed by an excellent jazz/blues band that keeps pace perfectly with Brown’s clever musical improvisations.

It’s impossible to pigeonhole the album into one particular genre, as it flirts with jazz, blues, Latin and even country music. While Brown’s voice seems shaky on some tracks, it has a warm, pleasant quality which particular suits the bluesy feel on tracks like “These Blues You Gave Me.”

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful review of my first album, which I’ve just discovered years after you wrote it. I do have a followup album, entitled Franklin St, (see my website, for more info) — perhaps you want to hear and write something about it as well/


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