Lifetime Achievement Award: Durrell’s dynasty

Published in the Ottawa Business Journal newspaper and website.
Nov. 14, 2011 (Nov. 18 on

Former Ottawa mayor’s lasting legacy in sporting, tourism, business and beyond

Jim Durrell.
Jim Durrell, OBJ and Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Lifetime Achievement
Award recipient.

Photo by MARK HOLLERON for the
Ottawa Business Journal.

Name most of Ottawa’s major landmarks, and it’s likely you’ll hear one name repeated throughout their histories – Jim Durrell.

In fact, many of the framed images lining the staircase leading up to Mr. Durrell’s offices at the Capital Dodge auto dealership are a testament to this fact, from the photo of an airplane taking off, to the various United Way certificates, to the picture of the Ottawa Convention Centre being built.

The former mayor had a hand in the construction of the capital’s airport and new convention centre, and his influence has loomed large over the city’s sporting infrastructure. As well, he’s played roles with the Ottawa Hospital and various other charitable organizations.

It’s all part of Mr. Durrell’s philosophy of building up the city’s “cornerstones”: health care, recreation and sport, culture, and education, with a healthy economy at the centre.

“(Those) essential things keep everything moving,” he says.

In celebration of Mr. Durrell’s Lifetime Achievement Award, as part of the Ottawa Business Achievement Awards being presented Dec. 1, OBJ took a look back at his manifold achievements in the National Capital Region.

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