Salesman stalking me, claims terrified cabby

Published in The Star in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
July 2003

KUALA LUMPUR – A seemingly innocent friendship between two men turned sour when one of them began making sexual advances towards the other.

The 45-year-old victim, K.O. Teng, was distressed when the salesman started stalking him and tried to break up his marriage so that the two of them could be together.

Taxi driver Teng claimed that the 37-year-old salesman wanted to see him every day and would call up to 30 times a day until he promised to go out with him.

Teng also claimed that the salesman peeped at him while he was in the bathroom.

Teng, who was accompanied by his wife and one of his two sons at the office of MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Michael Chong yesterday, said he did not suspect anything at first as “both of us were men and were good friends.”

Disclosing how they met, Teng said a friend had introduced them about three years before.

“He was a bachelor and I was staying alone here because my wife and children lived elsewhere, so we often went out together and he would invite me to his house,” he added.

Teng said they would watch pornographic movies, drink alcohol and sleep on the same bed at the man’s hour but “nothing happened.”

“Sometimes, he would come near me, touch my body and undress me. I allowed him to do so as both of us are men. I don’t have anything to be afraid of. He said he loved me like a brother.

“But several months ago, when he started to behave weirdly and wanted to control me, stopping me from visiting my wife and children, I suspected something and avoided him,” he said.

Teng’s wife claimed that the man would call every day and at all hours of the night and harassed them, ignoring her pleas to stop disturbing her husband.

Teng, who could no longer stand the harassment and was afraid that the man would harm him and his family, lodged a police report at the Salak Selatan Baru police station on Sunday.

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