A Brazilian all-you-can-eat BBQ

Published on page 13 of the Weekend section of The Star in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
January 3, 2004

Cards on the table tell the passador (above) if you want seconds. He will then carve the meat or fish at your table.Cards on the table tell the passador (above) if you want seconds. He will then carve the meat or fish at your table.

One may be inclined to think of football, and perhaps samba, when one thinks of Brazil, but what about good food?

If you’re looking to discover Brazilian cuisine and culture for yourself, head on down to Bom Brazil Churrascaria (pronounced cho-khas-ca-khria, which with the rest of the restaurant’s name means “Good Brazilian Barbecue”), nestled in the cluster of elegant eateries and trendy taverns that is Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Step in and you will notice the distinctly informal ambience of the restaurant, from its tables – gaily decorated in the colours of the Brazilian flag – to the soccer paraphernalia that adorns its walls (soccer is, after all, an institution in Brazil), to the curious dolls and figurines on display, each with their own story.

Adding to this charming informality is the fact that there is no menu, since the restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat buffet of barbecued meats that would make the most carnivorous of individuals ecstatic.

Not big on meat? Not to worry as Bom Brazil offers a selection of salads and pasta in the buffet, including the delightful Brazilian dish of rice topped with tapioca shavings (or feijoada) and red beans in a light sauce.

However, the restaurant’s true specialty is the barbecue, and sampling Bom Brazil’s tender cuts of beef and other meats is an absolute must.
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Salesman stalking me, claims terrified cabby

Published in The Star in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
July 2003

KUALA LUMPUR – A seemingly innocent friendship between two men turned sour when one of them began making sexual advances towards the other.

The 45-year-old victim, K.O. Teng, was distressed when the salesman started stalking him and tried to break up his marriage so that the two of them could be together.

Taxi driver Teng claimed that the 37-year-old salesman wanted to see him every day and would call up to 30 times a day until he promised to go out with him.

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Penang fare after midnight

Published on page 14 of the Weekend section of The Star in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
June 28, 2003

Penang Inn offers more than the swaying palm trees and hawker fare conjured up by its name.

Tucked away in a trendy corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail, the restaurant’s cool decor and serene ambience offers some respite from the heat and energy of KL’s clubs. In fact, its operating hours are tailored to hungry clubbers in search of some tasty grub.

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The perfect combination

Published on page 13 of the Weekender section (now known as Star.Weekend) of The Star in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
August 24, 2002

One is immediately struck by how serene and Zen-like the interior of Cilantro Restaurant and Wine Bar at the MiCasa Hotel Kuala Lumpur is – the neutral tones, the minimalistic chic of the décor, right down to the jade-green bread plate and off-white lighting fixtures.

The recently refurbished restaurant boasts two walk-in wine cellars which carry labels from France, Australia, Spain, South Africa and Italy, as well as a charming cigar lounge. The lounge also doubles as a recreation where patrons may indulge in a game of Jenga or backgammon, or simply relax while enjoying dessert or a pre-dinner drink.

In fact, one cannot help but kick back and unwind here. The ambience is ideal, especially after a long and hectic day. With a glass of 2000 Quincy Domaine Trotereau, a white wine from the Loire Valley region in France, we sat down to do just that.

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A Swiss culinary journey

Published on page 24 of the Weekender section (now known as Star.Weekend) of The Star in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
March 30, 2002

You will discover, as I did, that eight days are hardly enough to uncover the many hidden pleasures that Switzerland has to offer.

Switzerland is, of course, famous for its breathtaking view of the Alps, the invigorating mountain air, the exciting winter sports and some of the finest hiking trails in the world.

However, those in search of more sedentary pursuits will certainly not be disappointed: gourmets and gourmands alike will be delighted by the variety of hearty Swiss cuisine which has nurtured the rosy complexions and stout constitutions you find here.

Swiss cuisine draws upon the cuisines of the countries it borders: there is a hint of French, German and Italian in every dish. Undoubtedly because of the quality of the soil, the freshness of the air and water, there is a certain wholesome quality entirely unique to this melting pot. Continue reading →